Web Development

Web Development


Our web development services are handled by our Qwoffices department, but an overview of these services can be found here.

Programming & Wireframing

The development phase usually starts with an interview. This is where we gather all of the information needed about your project and nail down the contracted specifics. Once the interview process is complete, the contract is signed and the down payment is made, we move on to wire framing.

The wire framing process is like drawing a blueprint of your pending site. We layout and arrange the elements of the site so the programmers can know exactly what is expected. This phase is only complete once the client signs off on the proposed layout.

Cascading Style Sheets

We use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to layout and create design elements for your website. CSS is a core technology in web development.


Depending on your company requirements, there may be a need for integrations between other sites or databases. The requirements are drawn up during your interview. This advanced development phase is only complete when quality assurance and client sign-off are both finished.

Graphic Design

The design process is very simple. We obtain and idea of the clients expectation and put them in writing. The client signs off on the contract created from the expectations. Three mock-ups are completed based on the client’s contract. The client selects a mock-up for further development and the completion process begins.

Graphic Design is also a part of the web development process as well. It focuses the web page and is usually computer based whereas the straight graphic design process may require paper art.


We also offer maintenance for your website. See how It works.

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