What is the process?

Quadjam offers maintenance plans for online customers whether we created your site or not. We will update and modify your website under the guidelines of our contract agreement. For complete details, see below.

Step 1:
Evaluate Your Needs

Knowing your website requirements and your workflow process is very important when determining what plan, you want to choose.

Step 2:
Planning and Analysis

You must make a determination on updates, changes, and frequency so that you are able to select the appropriate plan. It is also important to determine whether outside changes or programming will be needed so that you can choose your discount rate.

Step 3:
Purchase and Download

Once you have made a determination, you can select your plan and pay for the first three months. After the first billing cycle, you can move to monthly payments if you choose to. Initial signup requires a three-month commitment. Once you’ve completed your initial payment, your contract will be available for download in your account.

Maintenance 13 Days2 MonthlyNone$59.85Purchase
Maintenance 23 Days3 Monthly2%$119.85Purchase
Maintenance 32 Days5 Monthly3%$179.85Purchase
Maintenance 42 Days10 Monthly5%$239.85Purchase
Maintenance 524 Hours15 Monthly8%$269.85Purchase
Maintenance 624 HoursUnlimited10%$750Purchase
Maintenance 78 HoursUnlimited15%$1260Purchase

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