Print Design & Mockups

Print Design & Mockups


Our print design services are handled by our Qwoffices department, but an overview of these services can be found here.

Requests for Design

This Print Design process starts off by going through the graphic design process. We obtain and idea of the clients, expectation and put them in writing. The client signs off on the contract created from the expectations. Three mock-ups are completed based on the client’s contract. The client selects a mock-up for further development and the completion process begins.

However, the Print Design process has two additional options that need to be considered, actual printing or digital delivery.

Digital Delivery

The digital delivery option allows the client to request Email, social media, or other marketing platform releases to be done by Quadjam.

Print Release

The print release options allows the client to select how many copies of a document should be printed and on what medium.

Why choose us?

Going with Quadjam is the best of both worlds. As a client, you get design and printing all from one source. This ensures consistency, quality and timely distribution. Since we handle all aspects of the project, we can offer aggressive pricing and control deadlines. Most importantly, you only need to communicate with one person to get everything completed. This saves clients time and money. In the end, you get a quality product with quick turnaround and stellar support.

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