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The Help desk Philosophy

What is help desk philosophy? The help desk philosophy is a set of rules and regulations that you should adhere to when servicing any help desk. First and foremost, put everything you do in writing. If an agreement isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen. To ensure this is the case, most communication should be done […]

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Picking the wrong web host can cost you time and money.

In today’s business world, having a web presence is a must. Many companies go online and search for a web hosting company. They then choose the people who come up first in the search engine. This is a huge mistake. It is important to do your homework. Based on a study done by staffers at […]

4 Reasons to use a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are cost effective The average salary for an Administrative Assistant in Pennsylvania is $35,327. Along with the salary requirements, companies also have other overhead such as insurance, supplies, and brick & mortar costs. This moves the actual cost for an assistant from $35,327 to $44,159 on the low end and $49,458 on the […]

Quadjam Virtual Assistant Experience

The Virtual Experience

Historically, in the employment sector, there has been a requirement that employees work at the company office. This has been the norm for some time, but times are changing. There seems to be a new phenomenon that is replacing what was once the norm, and it’s called virtualization. Many companies have decided to include virtual […]

Virtual Assistant Savings

Virtual Assistants

The decision to use a virtual assistant is a huge choice for many companies. However, once they go over the pros and cons, the decision becomes a no brainer.  Let’s just say that most businesses look at the bottom line to make their choices and a virtual assistant makes that bottom line look that much […]