What is help desk philosophy? The help desk philosophy is a set of rules and regulations that you should adhere to when servicing any help desk. First and foremost, put everything you do in writing. If an agreement isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen. To ensure this is the case, most communication should be done via email. In the case when you have verbal communication, an email should be sent with a summary of said communication. It should be the goal to ensure that miscommunication is a thing of the past.

Secondly, it is important that clients have multiple ways to contact the help desk. In today’s technical playground, there are a plethora of communication options such as fax, email, phone, chat, and even webinars. Since clients are always on the move it is important that the support process works around them. It should never be the goal to make it easier for your company but instead, you should always be looking for ways to make it easier for your clients.

Thirdly, response time is everything when it comes to your help desk. Put your response times in writing and adhere to them. Remember that your clients time is valuable and the longer you take to help them, the longer their businesses are affected.

Lastly, follow-up and make sure that your clients are running smoothly. Even if they don’t contact you, don’t be afraid to send quarterly e-mail’s that let them know that you are checking in. Make sure that your help desk is customer-centric, timely and efficient. These processes will definitely make for a great help desk philosophy.

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