Virtual Assistants are cost effective

The average salary for an Administrative Assistant in Pennsylvania is $35,327. Along with the salary requirements, companies also have other overhead such as insurance, supplies, and brick & mortar costs. This moves the actual cost for an assistant from $35,327 to $44,159 on the low end and $49,458 on the high end. However, if you choose a virtual assistant, you can cut the overhead and reduce salary costs. The average virtual assistant in the United States is $22,000. They do the same job as an in-house employee, but they cost approx. 62% less. As a startup or a small business, this amount of savings can be extremely important.

Virtual Assistants increase efficiency

The beauty of a virtual assistant is that you only pay for what you need, which again is cost effective. However, another advantage is efficiency. With virtual assistants, jobs are requested, a time frame is quoted and the work is completed. Since the relationship is virtual, communication is concise and frequent. There is no need for training because the virtual assistant should have extensive knowledge in his/her field. This saves the company time. The more time a company saves when getting an employee up and running, the more productivity they are able to achieve. The biggest items that increase efficiency are planning, organizing, and loving what you do, which are inherently attributed to virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants offer an array of knowledge in their chosen fields

Since virtual assistants work with multiple companies, they are always privy to the newest and latest technologies being used. Keep in mind, that every company may use different technologies, and virtual assistants must keep up with the changes in order to be relevant. So, when your new virtual assistant starts a job, you may find that they will make suggestions to improve processes.

Virtual Assistants are extremely flexible

Virtual assistants are at your beck and call. If you need them today, they are ready. However, if you don’t need them for weeks, they are also prepared for that. Since virtual assistants are independent contractors, you have the ability to use their services as needed. You can also contact them on short notice and end up with great results in a short amount of time. In the end, the flexibility of the virtual assistant not only lead to savings, but it also leads to efficiency.

Try a virtual assistant for yourself and see how they can make your job easier.

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