4 Reasons to use a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are cost effective The average salary for an Administrative Assistant in Pennsylvania is $35,327. Along with the salary requirements, companies also have other overhead such as insurance, supplies, and brick & mortar costs. This moves the actual cost for an assistant from $35,327 to $44,159 on the low end and $49,458 on the […]

Quadjam Virtual Assistant Experience

The Virtual Experience

Historically, in the employment sector, there has been a requirement that employees work at the company office. This has been the norm for some time, but times are changing. There seems to be a new phenomenon that is replacing what was once the norm, and it’s called virtualization. Many companies have decided to include virtual […]

Virtual Assistant Savings

Virtual Assistants

The decision to use a virtual assistant is a huge choice for many companies. However, once they go over the pros and cons, the decision becomes a no brainer.  Let’s just say that most businesses look at the bottom line to make their choices and a virtual assistant makes that bottom line look that much […]