Quadjam’s staffing department focuses on technology based employers and employees.


Quadjam assists clients with recruiting permanent, temporary, and online (remote) staff. Our recruiters specialize in placing each employee in the best possible position. This ensures a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved.

We understand that there are a lot of companies out there and your only question is why should go with you? Well, the answer is actually simple. We not only locate the best of the best, we also vet and train our recruits on a regular basis. It is our goal to make sure that you and the recruit connect, but we also want to ensure that our recruits have a positive overall effect on your business. In order to do this, we focus on two things:

Extreme Vetting

This is the process in which our company completes background checks which may include drugs, education, and licenses among other things. We also have a mandatory skills assessment that’s designed by educators and business veterans.

Professional Development

This is our ongoing process that we developed in-house to ensure that our recruits continue to grow and educate themselves. Our professional development is industry specific and is mandatory for all placed recruits.


Our HRIS system is different in that we do not allow the computer system to weed out recruits. Our recruiters look at each and every submission and make a determination. Once a determination is made, we then develop a testing program for the recruit and add them on the placement roles. If and when the recruit is placed, they go into our employment and absence maintenance system.

For more information about our staffing options or combined services, please contact our sales team at 267-613-4353.