Understanding Our Process

We take the time to develop a detailed profile of our client’s businesses because it helps us to determine their website needs.

The next step is to have a consultation with the client to gain an understanding of their project requirements.  We want to, in essence, know their hopes and dreams with respect to their site.

Now we must talk budget to determine which one of those hopes and dreams can be attained. In some cases, we can give the client everything requested. In other cases, the budget requires some compromise.

Once the payment schedule is selected, and the initial payment is completed, we begin developing the initial design.  The client is contacted and shown the initial design for approval. If the client approves of the design, we begin to add the supplied content to the site. This process is completed on an accessible site so the client can give continuous feedback.

When all design elements are completed, and the content is added, we go through a quality assurance (QA) process. If we determine that the site is ready for release, we send our release form to the client for acceptance.  (NOTE: All payments must be completed before the site can be released)

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