What You Supply

Generally, we use the logo to develop a color scheme for your design.  However, there are cases when the client just provides us with color choices and we use those choices to develop a design.

You must also provide us with content for your design.  Whether you are printing your e-book or just delivering in digitally, content MUST be provided. We do not write your e-books.  

Lastly, you must provide approval on all aspects of the design. We will only release the design after you approve it.  (NOTE:  All accounts must be paid in full before design release is done.)

What We Supply

We supply the client with an initial consultation. During the consultation, we gather client requirements. We also notify the client of all required content while developing a timeline for completion and delivery.  After the initial meeting, the client must sign off on the proposal and provide the initial payment for work to begin.

Finally, we will complete the design and send an image shot to the client for approval or changes. If everything is approved, the design will be released to the client. Otherwise, the design will be modified, and resent to the client until approval is reached.

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