Setting Up Cron Jobs

Setting Up Cron Jobs

Cron jobs allow you to run commands to do certain tasks, during defined times, such as sending notification. Understanding Linux will help you to effectively create cron jobs. If you are having trouble with creating cron jobs please contact Qdhosts.

Setting up a cron job:

  • Look for the Advanced section of your Cpanel and click on Cron Jobs. 
  • Select your mode (Standard or Advanced)

NOTE: The standard option is the norm mostly because of its ease of use and pre-sets.

  • Enter the email address where the cron will send your report. 
  • Enter the command you want to run in the command to run field
  • Select how often the command should run by entering the time frames using the labeled boxes. 
  • Click save to complete your cron job setup.

NOTE: To delete a cron job click the delete button next to the cron job you need to remove.

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