Welcome to Quadjam Learning

Trying to keep your company and or students up to date with the latest in technological changes can be a difficult task. That’s where we come in. At Quadjam, we develop online courses that help to educate, support, and enhance important skill sets. It is our job to help companies, students, and individuals to learn industry specific skills.  

Review, Communicate, Educate

Video Integration

Our courses are integrated with videos to support different modalities.

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Exam Tracking

The exams track student knowledge growth and allow them to enhance skill sets.

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Document Verification

We track completion and success for employers and individuals.

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Detailed Rubrics

Rubrics help to locate and enhance strengths while reducing weaknesses.

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Class by Class Basis

We offer online courses for anyone who would like to take them. Simply select the course, hit purchase and start your learning experience.

Take some time to review one of our classes for free. Then make a decision on whether you want to move forward.