Sample Work: Kiddo

image image


The client needed an image that could potentially be used as an album cover or CD art. The image needed to contain her face and be abstract. Purple or shades of purple needed to be used in the design. The client would provide images from her photoshoot.

Base Imagery

The base imagery was provided by the client. It was then enhanced and modified by the Qwoffices team. Since the client provided an idea of her ideal graphic, the current abstract design was created.

Print Design

Branding and continuity was needed to promote the clients next venture. Since this was the case, a print design was created to accompany the base imagery.


The client was given the base design. In conjunction with the initial request, business cards were created with the base design on them to create ideal branding. Lastly, a mockup was created to show how the branding would work in the client’s home design.