QJ Realty Group


A New Division

Introducing the latest family member to the Quadjam Enterprises Inc. corporate family tree. QJ Realty Group buys properties, overhauls them, and then places them back onto the housing market at or below fair market value. QJRG is the premiere company to buy a home from. We especially pay attention to distress, or properties that need love. QJ Realty Group offers quality-remodeled homes. We take pride in rehabbing and bringing properties up to code, both locally and nationally. QJRG buys, repairs, remodels and places properties back on the market in an effort to revitalize the local community and help potential homeowners live the dream of homeownership.

QJRG, (QJ Realty Group), also purchases properties as is for cash. If you are in a situation as the owner of a property in which you need to get out from underneath of due to taxes, liens, foreclosure, probate etc. QJRG can purchase your property, or line you up with our list of motivated sellers, in order to buy your property and help you elevate your money woes.

Our group has years of real-estate experience and decided to form QJ Realty Group in an effort to help more people find or sell their properties, while trying to keep to their mission objective, which is to resuscitate life into certain communities, bringing old houses back to life. Stop by the site today QJREALTYGROUP.COM Join our mailing list. Join the family.