Our Divisions

Qwoffices Logo

Qwoffices Division

This division handles web design, development, print design, virtual services, training, helpdesk, install & update of software and hardware. This is the technical division of Quadjam Enterprises Inc.

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Qdhosts Logo

Qdhosts Division

This division handles web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates and any other online hosting services including server maintenance. This is the hosting division of Quadjam Enterprises Inc.

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Tha Lounge Logo

Tha Lounge Division

The music department handles all aspects of music production, creation, mixing, mastering and engineering. Tha Lounge is a full production studio, capable of performing every musical duty with polished professionalism.

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QJ Realty Logo

QJ Realty Group Division

The real estate department handles the acquisition, selling, repair and revitalization of homes and commercial real estate for communities. Their goal is to give families a chance at fair and equal quality home ownership.

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Quadjam Publishing Logo

Quadjam Publishing Division

This division handles all aspects of publishing including books, films and scripts. The goal is to promote positive and enlightened platforms via the creative spectrum, while hopefully entertaining the consumer through thought provoking, visual, written and spoken mediums.

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